Novigrad Istria, Cittanova

Novigradis a town and a port on the west coast of Istria, 15 km southwest of Buje, located on a limestone peninsula that consists of the south-western tip of Bujština and on the north side goes into the large bay of the Mirna harbour. The harbour is protected from all winds except the west and north winds that create waves. A breakwater protects the port from the southwest, along which, on the inner side, smaller vessels with the draught of 3.5 m can anchor. The little port on the south-eastern part of the port can accommodate yachts only. The anchorage ground is 200 m northeast of the pier at a depth of 3 to 4 m. The coastline is indented with rocky and sandy beaches while the guests can enjoy sports and recreation - traditional sports on land and sea, terraces, rich cuisine, organized tours, visits to cultural and historic sites and institutions. The well-preserved city walls keep the memory of many medieval buildings and monuments rich in history. The usual offer of the seaside includes the hunting in the Mirna valley, canoeing safaris on the Mirna River etc. Because of the natural beauty, excellent transport links, great entertainment, cultural and gastronomic delights and many accommodations, during summer this little town is full of life and joy of a true Mediterranean place of warm and kind people and their open homes.