Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, and when watching it on the map it looks like heart-shaped so it can be said for Istria that it is the heart of Europe. The strategic location allows Istria excellent connections with all neighbouring countries. Kissed by the Adriatic Sea it has been known for years for its tourism and sea coasts, but for some time now it is profiled as a successful eno-gastronomic destination during the whole year. Its hinterland is a hidden treasure that every guest reveals with jealously and falls in love with the tastes and flavours of the country, thus continually returning and telling everyone what they have discovered. So the story about this wonderful territory spreads, guests are more numerous and curious, and quite a few of them after seeing Istria confirmed a very marked resemblance to French Provence and Italian Tuscany.

Gastronomic offer in Istria

Istrian wines are famous all over the world. There are widely known stories of our gourmet restaurants, olive oil, typical simple delicacies and the pleasure they offer, the ambience of Istrian taverns, walking in the countryside, finding hidden gems of nature and gastronomy ... Istria can be enjoyed throughout the year and each season offers something special. In the spring, when nature flourishes, there are no nicer feeling than walking, smelling the cut grass, feelings that all around you everything grows and it's green. It is the time of asparagus and a variety of events which offer dishes made of wild asparagus and attracts tourists from all over the world. Summer is especially active in these areas, everything is suddenly alive, especially the coastline. Fish dishes are popular then, various fishing festivals represent to the visitors the Adriatic Sea delicacies and definitely the favourite dishes are the ones where the lead actress is the sardine!

Istria during the year

Fall is magical, colourful and everything is somehow more peaceful, pleasant, romantic ... This is the time when wood lovers start a search for various kinds of mushrooms including the king of mushrooms - the Istrian white truffle! Dishes with white truffles are very precious and lovers of this ingredient will not miss the various events where guests are presented with dishes made with truffles, a mushrooms feast and the like. Fall is the time of the grape harvest and the period in which the process of creating the famous Istrian wines begins. Winter is the quietest season in Istria, when everything is kind of slow and fascinating. Places that are full of people during summer become quiet and made just for you, you can enjoy every moment without anyone interfering. The Istrian taverns become heated with the crackling fire, the hosts prepare the famous dish called "peka" or "čripnja" - baked under the bell, the good Istrian wine is drunk and all the comforts of life can be enjoyed. This is the time of olive harvests and the production of the excellent Istrian olive oil which has been recognized throughout the world.

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