Croatia is located in the south-eastern Europe, on the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central and Southeast Europe (Balkans). The importance of its geographical position is increased by the Adriatic Sea as a part of the Mediterranean Sea, which penetrates the deepest and most northern to the central part of the European continent. It borders with Slovenia and thus with the European Union. Croatia is situated in the northern temperate climate zone and the climate is favourable and moderate, without significant variations in temperature and proper exchange of four seasons. Croatia is rich in natural beauty, national parks and parks of nature out of which our closest national parks are the Brijuni islands. It is a diversified country that has developed its customs throughout the history and in any part thereof may be a lot of things to see and learn. It is rich in gastronomy, wine culture, olive oil culture, prosciutto ... People are kind and diligent and each guest is treated as a part of the family and that is why they return year after year!

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