Days of asparagus

Published:  10.04.2017. at 14:21

Asparagus lovers don't miss the Days of Istrian Asparagus! 

The scent of asparagus and the warmth of Istrian hospitality will pervade the restaurants of north-western Istria between March 21 and May 14

During March, April and May the tenth Days of Istrian Asparagus will give true "asparagus lovers" an opportunity to relish in imaginative, delicious and fragrant delicacies made from Istrian wild asparagus, ranging from the renowned "fritaja" (omelettes), soups, homemade pastas and risottos to ingenious combinations with meat and fish and scrumptious desserts. 

Asparagus is one of the most appreciated wild plant varieties growing in Istria, picked from mid March to late April. Since it grows in less accessible places, often protected by thorny bushes, its picking requires eye of a hawk, iron will and not being afraid of an occasional scratch. 

Asparagus is a well-known keeper of health and in terms of nutrition, an excellently balanced foodstuff. We needn't neglect the fact that this wonderful plant has been considered an aphrodisiac from times immemorial due to its high vitamin E content, often spoken of as the fertility vitamin.

Since wild asparagus contain all the fullness of bitterish flavour, paired with fresh indigenous Istrian foodstuffs they will delight the palate of true connoisseurs with a virtual explosion of aromas. 

Food, medicine, aphrodisiac....It's no wonder that we dedicated an entire manifestation to this plant. 

After only one visit, you will want to try everything from the prestigious list of restaurants and taverns hosting the Days of Istrian Asparagus. 

Check where your gastronomic adventure in northwest of Istria can begin and end.

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